The Roman Forum on a summer evening just before sunset

Allow me to introduce you to the Department of Classics at the University of Notre Dame and to share with you information on the exciting programs of study available in our Department.

Classics is an interdisciplinary subject comprising study of the ancient Greek and Latin languages, of Greek and Latin literature, and of the history, archaeology, art, religion and philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Romans. We offer courses in all these areas, and uniquely in our approach to the ancient Mediterranean world, we include also instruction in Arabic and other Semitic languages, with related courses in Arabic and Islamic literature and history.

Classics is a subject of great breadth and diversity, and has natural connections to all other fields in the humanities, as well as to the sciences and the social sciences. It is one of the most traditional of academic subjects, but because classicists are pioneers in new ways of understanding the past, it is also one of the most intellectually innovative. Classics has been at the forefront of contemporary debates about gender, ethnicity, and the literary canon, and has led the way in the use of technology for teaching and research.

At Notre Dame, the Department of Classics offers undergraduate programs and courses that enrich the lives of students by revealing the connections, and the differences, between their world and the world of the classical past. Many of our courses are based on reading the great works of antiquity and the Middle East in English translation, and are completely self-contained. Our first-year introduction to Greek and Roman civilization for instance is one of the most popular courses in the first-year program of studies. It provides a stimulating overview of antiquity especially designed for students new to Notre Dame who want to explore the ancient world for the first time. We also offer more advanced civilization courses and a full-range of language courses for those who want to specialize in Greek and Latin or Arabic and Syriac.

Our programs provide valuable skills and learning techniques that can be applied in various professional fields. On leaving Notre Dame, our students typically enter careers in government administration, the law, business, medicine, and education. The faculty members of our Department provide first-class instruction and include world leaders in research and publication.

I hope that you will find the information on our website appealing. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Classics at Notre Dame. I shall be happy to respond.

Brian Krostenko
Associate Professor
Department of Classics Chairperson