Senior Thesis Presentations


Location: 109 O'Shaughnessy

Come hear our seniors present their senior theses on Friday, February 16 from 3:30-5:00 pm in 109 O'Shaughnessy. There will be a reception to follow in the Classics seminar room. 


Alyssa Grant, “Rex Infelix? Alexander the Great as a Trope during the Roman Principate.”  Advisor:  Christopher Baron


Josef Hageman, “Aes Alienum: Debt and Morality in Cicero’s In Catilinam II.”  Advisor:  Brian Krostenko


Livvie May, “Rusticus es, Corydon: Generic Self-Consciousness in Vergil’s Eclogue 2.” Advisor:  Catherine Schlegel


Mary McNulty, “Ovid’s Hersilia: Conditrix Urbis Romae.”  Advisor:  Elizabeth Mazurek


Clare Murphy, “Μὴ μνησικακεῖν:  Reuniting Athenian Society through Social Memory.”  Advisor:  Christopher Baron


2018 Thesis Presentations