Lecture: "Quod Vix Credibile: On Parentheses in Tacitus"


Location: 107 O'Shaughnessy Hall

Cynthia Damon of the University of Pennsylvania will be giving a lecture on the use of parentheses in Tacitus, titled "Quod Vix Credibile: On Parentheses in Tacitus"

A Brief Preview:

"Parentheses number among the stylistic devices used by Tacitus to disrupt the flow of his narrative and make himself manifest in his account of the past. They open gaps in the text, and through these gaps we can see more meaning, be it subtext placed there by the author or a snippet of an implicit, if one-sided, conversation between author and reader. In short, the disruptive parenthesis helpsTacitus inculcate a "reading between the lines approach to the history of the principate