Alyson Melzer

Alyson Melzer

Visiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Stanford University

246 O'Shaughnessy Hall
(574) 631-7368

Research Interest: Ancient performance cultures, Greek literary criticism and intellectual history, Greek drama

Alyson Melzer has long been fascinated by performance, music, pedagogy, and literary culture - since studying music and comp lit as an undergraduate, and throughout her graduate and postgraduate work in Classics. While at Stanford, she completed a dissertation entitled The Somatics of Style: The Body in Ancient Greek Theories of Verbal Art. In it, she explored the centrality of the physical body to conceptualizations of literary language and style in Greco-Roman antiquity. As she continues work on Greek literary criticism and intellectual history, she is also researching Greek drama through the lens of performance and sound studies. She has experience teaching Archaic Greek lyric and epic, mythology, Classical tragedy and comedy, Greek history, literary criticism, and Greek and Latin languages.