Simon Oswald

Simon Oswald

Visiting Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Princeton University
M.A., University of Auckland; Princeton University
B.A., University of Auckland

372 Decio Hall

Research Interest: Greek poetry, epigraphy, archaeology, and linguistics

Simon Oswald completed a BS, BA, and MA (Hons) at the University of Auckland and an MA and PhD at Princeton. He is particularly interested in early Greek and Italic poetry, epigraphy, archaeology, and linguistics, though his research interests range from Linear B and Hittite to papyrology and Imperial historiography. He is the Field Director at the Princeton-Greek Molyvoti-Thrace Archaeological Project in northern Greece (directed by Nathan Arrington), and is publishing the graffiti and dipinti from the excavation and survey. This year he is teaching elementary Greek, problems in Greek and Roman archaeology, and ancient sports.