John Izzo


Born and raised in a small town outside of Flint, Michigan, John later traveled to Maine to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Classics at Bowdoin College. After realizing that his academic interests spanned nearly the entire field of Classics, John began specializing as he conducted research for his honors thesis. His work addressed Tacitus’ personal and political philosophy within the Agricola, and its curious relationship to Stoic doctrines.

Currently, John’s academic interests focus primarily on ancient poetry, philosophy, and the interplay between the two. In particular, his research concentrates on the works of Lucretius and Philodemus, exploring the manner by which these “poetic philosophers” explicate Epicurean doctrines. He hopes to further explore these topics during his years at Notre Dame, before pursuing his PhD.

Beyond academia, John’s interests include running, lifting, hiking, and nearly anything that takes him outdoors. Alongside these more active pursuits, he finds nothing better than curling up with a book, or spending the day relaxing by the beach.

John has been accepted into a Ph.D. program at Columbia University.