Student Spotlights

Nikolas Churik

Nikolas Churik recently completed a master’s degree in Early Christian Studies (ECS), a two-year interdisciplinary program offered jointly by the Departments of Classics and Theology. 

Anna Chang

"The ability of the Greeks and Romans to innovate and create these advanced societies is so captivating, and their ancient world has influenced our own modern practices in ways that are impossible to overlook."

Hannah Naguib and Daniel O'Neill

"For all of those who may think that Chemistry and Classics have nothing to do with each other, we hope to change your mind!"

Mary McNulty

"In the spring of my junior year, I studied abroad at the ICCS in Rome, and I was able to put my study of Classics in its context. When I had class on site, it unified what I had learned in my Latin and archaeology courses. Nothing compares to discussing Roman topography while in the Roman forum."

Shaun Evans

"In addition to Classics, I’m also a major in Theology and Philosophy, and my interest in philosophically-informed theology written in Latin or Greek gives me some strong medieval interests."

Tracey Schirra

"I bounced around various science majors, trying to find something that had both the rigid certitude and challenge of science, and a creative, critical thinking aspect. I took a Latin course and quickly realized I had found what I was looking for."

Caitlin Riley

"I was once told that the fact that I am a Classics major could be a 'fun fact,' even when no one else’s majors were their 'fun fact.' I think that this explains why I chose Classics."

Josef Hageman

"A Classics major helps in any field.  It starts with history and language, but the studies branch out into literature, philosophy, politics, architecture, law, science, economics, and so on.  It prepares you for any pursuit."

Marissa Ray

"I became a Greek and Roman Civilization and Pre-Health Studies major to learn more about a time period I found fascinating and prepare for medical school to become a doctor. I did not realize just how much overlap I would find and how instrumental Classics would be in my study of the sciences."

Michael Mercurio

"Classics isn’t necessarily something you just study; it’s something that can influence the very way you understand the world and live your life."

Philip Allen

"Classics molds the way you think and approach different subjects and it helps you better articulate yourself and your arguments. Just as importantly, studying classics gives you an ability to understand the historical and cultural background to Western civilization."

Andrew Shearn

"I love classics not only because it is an interesting subject to study, but also because the influence is timeless and evident everywhere still today."

Tom Hite

Tom Hite '16 spent eight months in Europe on three different ventures all funded and accessed through the Department of Classics and Notre Dame.

Kristina Techar

"I love classics because it is such a versatile subject."

Ann Gallagher

Ann Gallagher is a senior classics and PLS double major who has had some amazing experiences abroad.

Sami Burr

Sami Burr '16, a double major in classics and theology, is interested in the intricacies Greek and Latin theologians found to describe the mysteries of theology.

Brian Credo

“Everything comes from classics. It offers a lot of different paths and a lot of interesting things to pursue,” said Brian Credo ’15, a classics major in the College of Arts and Letters. The interdisciplinary study of the ancient Mediterranean world, classics first intrigued Credo, a scholar in the Glynn Family Honors program, while studying Greek and Latin in high school.

Jenna Eilinger

“Studying ancient Greek and Roman civilizations has opened up a lot of doors for me and I think that it’s also made me a lot more well-rounded.”

Tori Roeck

From Epic Literature to epic travels, Tori has had a legendary experience majoring in Classics.

Cameron Pywell

Cameron, who double majored in biology and classics, went on to Baylor College of Medicine after graduation in 2013 and wants "to further the case for the Classics being relevant and useful in medical school, something to set students apart."

Michael Kipp

"Studying Classics, like traveling abroad, lends new perspective to the way you view your native culture. As a classics major at Notre Dame, I’ve had the privilege of participating in both of those enlightening endeavors."

Tracy Jennings

Classics major Tracy Jennings '10 won a prestigious Clarendon Scholarship to Oxford University. "This amazing postgraduate opportunity is a direct result of what I experienced at Notre Dame," she said.

Michael Wagner

"Studying in city of Classical importance – such as Rome, Athens, or Cairo – is absolutely essential for a Classics major at Notre Dame or any other university. It brings the history to life and it is essential to gaining a full appreciation for Classical Studies. As a student and as a person, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made."