Andrew Shearn

Author: Tom Hite

Andrew Florence

"I love classics not only because it is an interesting subject to study, but also because the influence is timeless and evident everywhere still today. From theater to architecture to government and more, antiquity pervades many different fields and realms in contemporary society. Furthermore, the mythological and theatrical aspects are highly entertaining, and provide some of the best literature for both studying and casual enjoyment.

Professor Mazurek got me hooked on the department first semester of freshman year with his course "Ancient Greece and Rome," and ever since then I did everything I could to seek out his classes and others that would continue to maximize my interest. With his help and the help of many other great professors, I was successful and glad I made an effort to fit in the minor with the rest of my requirements. If any student is unsure whether or not classics is for them, they should just give a class a shot and see if it hooks them like it did me."

Post-ND: Working for a year as a medical/research assistant with an orthopedic surgeon in the Oak Park neighborhood just outside of Chicago. Following that year, medical school.