Joshua Benjamins- Upcoming Conference Presentations

Author: Olivia May

Joshua Benjamins, a Notre Dame MA student in Early Christian Studies, will be presenting papers at several upcoming conferences. These include:

“Fragmentation and Recreation: An Ontology of fluctus and defluere in Augustine’s Confessions,” annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies (Toronto, ON, January 2017).

“The Use of Scholastic Methods and Sources in Peter Martyr Vermigli’s Dialogue,” conference on Girolamo Zanchi, Richard Hooker, and the Rise of Reformed Scholasticism (Ottawa, ON, 20 October 2016).

“Aristotelian Physics and the Place of Christ’s Glorified Body in the Debate between Peter Martyr Vermigli and Johannes Brenz,” Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Conference (Villanova, PA, 14 October 2016).

“Abraham Calovius on the Messianic Psalms: Biblical Commentary in Lutheran-Reformed Debates over Christology,” conference on Lutheranism and the Classics IV: Listening to the Poets (Fort Wayne, IN, 30 September 2016)