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New Course, Fall 2020: Eternal Rome: Archaeology Fulfills the History Requirement


Author: Department of Classics

Two thousand years ago, Rome was the capital of an empire stretching across the Mediterranean, from England, Spain and North Africa to Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. Built from the wealth of its expansive dominion, it was the greatest metropolis on earth, at the center of a vast web of interconnected regions and cultures. The city has remained the focus of the Catholic Church and Christianity in Europe for more than 1500 years.

New Course, Fall 2020: Rebels in Myth: from Antigone to the Joker: it fulfills the Literature Requirement


Author: Sherry Reichold

This class will explore the myths of famous rebels, from Prometheus who challenges the divine order, to Antigone and Medea, both of whom publicly blame the male-centric Athenian society for not giving voice to women and foreigners, and, finally, to Socrates and Plato, who condemn the contemporary world for its contentment with appearances and disinterest in the truth. Since these rebels are still relevant to our society, the discussion of their stories will be combined with modern, contemporary renderings of the same myths, and with the study of rebels in contemporary superheroes stories, such as The Joker and Green Goblin.