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Dr. Fauci has a Classics degree!


Author: Spencer Alexander McDaniel

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been getting a lot of attention lately for his tireless work promoting public safety measures in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Polls consistently find that Dr. Fauci is by far the most trusted person in the United States on matters pertaining to COVID-19. An article published in The New Yorker on 20 April 2020 hails him as “America’s doctor.” On 10 December 2020, Time magazine named him a “Guardian of the Year,” along with “front-line health care workers.”

"Butrint 7: Beyond Butrint" published by Prof. David Hernandez


Author: Department of Classics

Butrint 7 David Hernandez

Presenting new archaeological studies from recent fieldwork, this volume throws new light on the archaeology and history of the Pavllas River Valley, the Mediterranean alluvial plain in the territory of Butrint, ancient Buthrotum, in southwestern Albania. It gives prominence for the first time to two important sites, Kalivo and Çuka e Aitoit, which are here reinterpreted and shown to have played major roles in the early history of Butrint as it evolved in the later first millennium BC to emerge as the key city of Chaonia in Epirus. Butrint 7 also presents the full excavation report of the Late Bronze Age and Hellenistic fortified site of Mursi, in addition to other archaeological surveys and excavations in the hinterland of Butrint, including the Roman villa maritima at Diaporit, the villa suburbana on the Vrina Plain, and Roman sites on Alinura Bay and at the Customs House, as well as new surveys of the early modern Triangular Fortress and a survey to locate the lost Venetian village of Zarópulo. It also includes a new study of the Hellenistic bronze statuette of Pan found on Mount Mile and of his sanctuary at Butrint. The volume concludes with a comprehensive reassessment of the Pavllas River Valley in relation to Butrint, from the Palaeolithic to the modern eras, examining how dominion, territory, environment and the ‘corrupting sea’ reshaped Butrint and its fluvial corridor diachronically and particularly brought profound territorial, economic and social alterations under the Roman Empire.


Ancient Heroes: From Achilles to the Avengers


Author: Aldo Tagliabue

In an age of uncertainty, we see the rise of dramatic questions. What makes life worth living? Which path do we want our lives to take? If you are interested in these questions, please watch the video and consider joining the course Ancient Heroes: From Achilles to the Avengers (Spring 2021). The course is taught by Prof. Aldo Tagliabue (MWF, 11.40-12.30). We will have great fun exploring the lives of ancient heroes and heroines, and comparing them with heroes from Western movies and the Star Wars series, and with the lives of superheroes and superheroines. The class fulfills the literature requirement.…

Greek and Latin Winter Session


Author: Sherry Reichold

Music Class Douris Painter

Minding the gap with Greek Prose and Slide to the next Latin level

1. CLGR 20001/60201: Minding the gap with Greek Prose, MTWR 3:30-4:50pm (via Zoom), 2 credits
Come, enjoy some great Greek prose with Prof. Baron and Prof. Tagliabue and get ready for taking advanced Greek in the spring.…

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