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New Course, Spring 2020: Democracy Ancient and Modern


Author: Brigid O'Keefe

This course examines the theory, practice, and development of ancient Greco-Roman democracy. Particular attention is devoted to comparing ancient with modern forms of self-rule. Among the special topics studied are the origins of Greek democracy, its advantages and disadvantages as a form of government, alternatives to democracy, and democracy as an abiding legacy of classical civilization for the modern world. Familiarity with ancient Greco-Roman history is recommended, but not required.…

New Course, Spring 2020: History of Rome II: The Empire


Author: Brigid O'Keefe

This course examines the history of the Roman Empire, from the establishment of a veiled monarchy under Augustus to the Christianization of the empire following the reign of Constantine (ca. 1st century B.C. to 5th century A.D). Throughout the course, we will analyze and interpret ancient textual and archaeological evidence, from both Italy and the provinces, to assess the multi-faceted institutions and cultures of the Roman people. This body of material includes the writings of emperors (Augustus, Marcus Aurelius) and ancient historians (Tacitus, Suetonius, Ammianus Marcellinus), as well as the personal letters of Pliny to the emperor Trajan. Major themes discussed in the course include the nature of despotism, dynasties and the problem of succession; imperial governance of the Mediterranean (central, provincial, and local); cultural diversity and acculturation (so-called "Romanization"); religions and the imperial cult (worship of the Roman emperor); citizenship; urbanism, politics, and the economy; mortality and ecology; and the discrepant identities of women, children, slaves, freedmen, and freeborn under the imperial system of Rome.…

New Course, Spring 2020: Latin Pedagogy and Aequora


Author: Brigid O'Keefe

In this service-learning course, students who are participating in the Aequora program have the opportunity to earn academic credit by supplementing their teaching experience with critical study of current methods and theory in Latin language pedagogy.  In addition to teaching once per week at either Clay International Academy or Saint Joseph Elementary, students will meet as a class once a week to discuss assigned readings and to share perspectives.  Students will come away from the course with a better understanding of Aequora’s teaching philosophy and how it relates to larger developments in foreign language pedagogy.  Students will be graded on the basis of: 1) class participation; 2) short summaries of articles and book chapters; 3) a research paper on a topic related to current developments in foreign language pedagogy.  …

Classics Department Chair Coins New Scientific Term


Author: Brigid O'Keefe

Associate professor and chair of the Classics Department, Luca Grillo, working with a team of researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, has developed a new scientific term: in fimo. The term refers to excrement that has been examined experimentally. In developing the term, Professor Grillo analyzed the histories and connotations of four different Latin words- laetamen, merda, stercus, 

Job Opening


Author: Department of Classics

We cordially invite applications for the Eli J. and Helen Shaheen Professorship in Classics at the University of Notre Dame, to begin July 1, 2020. We welcome applications from Hellenists to be hired at the rank of Associate or Full Professor (with tenure), particularly those who specialize in Greek poetry of the Archaic or Classical periods or who would otherwise complement existing departmental strengths. Applicants are required to have a Ph.D. or equivalent and should already have significant records of publication, teaching, and service. Strong applications from candidates currently at the rank of Assistant Professor will also be considered. Applicants should be prepared to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Greek language and literature, and to offer courses in classical literature and culture in translation. The teaching load is two courses per semester.…

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