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Coming February 11 - Foreign Language Week is Back!


Author: Luke Van de Walle

The LaFortune Ballroom came alive last year during Foreign Language Week 2022 with the smell of food, the beating of drums, the sound of music, and the grace of the dancers from different cultures. The Notre Dame community watched in awe as the performers transported them to different parts of the world, each dance telling a story of its own culture and tradition. From the graceful and elegant classical Chinese dance to the energetic and lively Irish jig performance, the dance floor became a mosaic of cultures. The dancers were not just performers but also ambassadors, showcasing the beauty of their cultures to the audience. Foreign Language Week became a true celebration of diversity and a feast for the senses.…

Dept of Classics trip to the Art Institute in Chicago


Author: Department of Classics

Majors and minors, students taking Classics courses, and the Classics Club returned from a recent trip to the Art Institute in Chicago.  A wonderful time was had by all!    [Video]

Classics students at Art Institute, Chicago






Study Classics in Rome: "Romans and Christians"


Author: Department of Classics

Ancient Christianity developed and spread from within the borders of the Roman World. As a result of its emergence, everything in the Roman world changed: thoughts, beliefs, norms, aesthetic preferences and social norms. But how exactly did that shift happen? How was Christianity itself shaped by that interaction? In this program, we will tour landmark Roman and Christian monuments (e.g. the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, San Clemente and the Vatican), and, through these monuments, we will explore the social, cultural and political preconditions and consequences of Christianization.…



Author: Department of Classics

Rhetoric and Historiography: New Perspectives

A two-day conference to be hosted by The University of Notre Dame, Rome Gateway Center

May 18-21, 2023, Rome

Conveners: Luca Grillo (University of Notre Dame), Emily Baragwanath (UNC, Chapel Hill), Andrew Feldherr (Princeton University) and Christopher Krebs (Stanford University)…

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