The Department of Classics is where you can study the history and languages of the ancient Mediterranean world, the birthplace of western culture. Classics forms the core of the humanities and is by nature an interdisciplinary department that allows students to study poetry, prose, drama, art, archaeology, history, law, philosophy and theology.

Join the company of great thinkers ancient and modern. Discover why the Classics have been valued for millennia as the fountainhead of the Western cultural tradition.

The Department of Classics is the place for you, if…

  • You want to learn Latin or Greek.
  • You want to study our cultural heritage in English translation.
  • You want to interact with some of the greatest thinkers ever to walk the earth.
  • You want to learn how to read, write and think with precision.
  • You want to prepare yourself for a meaningful career.

Undergraduates pursue primary and supplementary majors or minors in Greek, Latin, Classical Civilization or Literature.

Download the Classics Department brochure (PDF, ~1MB)

We are also excited to share the launch of new summer internships