Creating your own research project is one of the most stimulating ways to learn — and one of the best ways to enhance your college experience. By diving into the world of research as an undergraduate, you will develop meaningful relationships with professors, better understand how scholars work, and experience the thrill of discovery. The Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement can help you with planning your project and with grant writing. Funding is available through The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) for those who need to travel to a specialized research library or to work on a summer archaeological dig. 

Michael Kipp

Michael Kipp

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Students who have participated in Butrint Excavations with funding from The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. More photos can be found at

Classics majors are encouraged to consult with our faculty to develop specialized research projects. With support, your research project can grow into an honors thesis or even into an application for a national research grant, e.g. Fulbright or Marshall. Look at what students have done recently: