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Classics Department Trip To See Oedipus Rex

This past weekend, the Classics Department traveled to Chicago to see a performance of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex at the University of Chicago's Court Theatre. Students and faculty began the day at the Oriental Institute, which displays the history, art, and architecture of the ancient Near East. After lunch and some time to explore the city, the group reconvened at the theatre to enjoy the performance. When asked what he thought of the performance, junior Classics major Will Lamara said, "Seeing the play performed on a modern stage really gave me a different perspective on the story. Reading the text of an ancient play can make it seem stoic and serious, but watching it actually be performed shows that it is just as lively and full of emotion as any modern work."…

New Course, Spring 2020: Democracy Ancient and Modern

This course examines the theory, practice, and development of ancient Greco-Roman democracy. Particular attention is devoted to comparing ancient with modern forms of self-rule. Among the special topics studied are the origins of Greek democracy, its advantages and disadvantages as a form of government, alternatives to democracy, and democracy as an abiding legacy of classical civilization for the modern world. Familiarity with ancient Greco-Roman history is recommended, but not required.…

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