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There are many opportunities available to Classicists for summer study or research. Several of our majors have participated in these programs. You generally need to apply for funding in January and February, so start planning in the fall term.

This list is compiled for your information and convenience.  The Department of Classics does not necessarily endorse these programs.  You should always conduct your own due diligence before attending any program overseas.


Ancient Christianity developed and spread from within the borders of the Roman World. As a result of its emergence, everything in the Roman world changed: thoughts, beliefs, norms, aesthetic preferences and social norms. But how exactly did that shift happen? How was Christianity itself shaped by that interaction? In this program, we will tour landmark Roman and Christian monuments (e.g. the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, San Clemente and the Vatican), and, through these monuments, we will explore the social, cultural and political preconditions and consequences of Christianization. (This course is taught in Rome, Italy.)

Classics Summer Research Internships: Rome and Isthmia, Summer 2024

We are excited to present you with four new opportunities for funded summer internships in Rome and in Isthmia. All interns in Rome will be supported by Notre Dame Rome. 

Summer Language Study at Notre Dame
Get ahead in your language studies with these programs offered at Notre Dame over the summer. The Summer Institute gives a range of students the opportunity to study the ancient languages necessary to understanding Greek and Roman, Judaic, Early Christian, Medieval and Byzantine civilizations.

Archaeology/Field School
Get down and dirty studying ancient artifacts in a variety of locations.

Academic Travel
Visit important Greco-Roman sites as a part of a summer course. Learn on-site and travel through the Mediterranean.

Get valuable experience in classical research all over the country.

Many programs offer financial aid for their participants. There are also internal funding opportunities available to Notre Dame students.