Summer Study Abroad

Attend summer classes that take you out to the great sites of the Greco-Roman world as part of your coursework. Visit the major sites and archaeological digs. Some of the programs offer academic credit.

Notre Dame Programs

Ancient Christianity developed and spread from within the borders of the Roman World. As a result of its emergence, everything in the Roman world changed: thoughts, beliefs, norms, aesthetic preferences and social norms. But how exactly did that shift happen? How was Christianity itself shaped by that interaction? In this program, we will tour landmark Roman and Christian monuments (e.g. the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, San Clemente and the Vatican), and, through these monuments, we will explore the social, cultural and political preconditions and consequences of Christianization. (This course is taught in Rome, Italy.)

Roman Programs

  • The American Academy in Rome offers several prestigious programs every summer from its beautiful location on the Janiculum Hill. Various funding opportunities are available.

  • Living Latin in Rome: A five-week living Latin experience in Rome for undergraduates through the Paideia Institute, which has gotten numerous positive reviews over the past few years, notably one from The Nation magazine.

  • The American University of Rome offers courses during the summer in a variety of subjects to help introduce students to the vibrant culture of Rome, from the Classical period to modernity.
  • Caesar in Gaul: A two-week seminar through the Paideia Institute on Caesar's Bellum Gallicum in the south of France for anyone interested in learning more about Caesar
  • Loyola University Chicago Summer Program in Rome.
  • The Vivarium Novum Academy allows students to spend a summer learning Latin on the beautiful Bay of Naples. All levels of Latin proficiency are encouraged to attend.
  • Speak Latin in Rome with the American Institute for Roman Culture. This four week program is an unparalleled academic and cultural experience, giving students a unique opportunity to experience Rome through language and site visits.
  • The JACT offers a Latin Summer School for students of all ability levels.

Greek Programs

  • Dumbarton Oaks offers an intensive four-week course in medieval Greek and paleography. Students in this program will have a unique opportunity to view manuscripts from the Byzantine Collection of the Dumbarton Oaks Rare Books Collection.
  • The American School of Classical Studies in Athens usually offers two 6-week sessions and the chance to dig in the Athenian agora. They also have many fellowships available for graduate students.
  • College Year in Athens Summer Program, the same people who run our academic term program, offer several different curricula. They are offering a new program for students interested in pursuing careers in museums and other cultural institutions. The Graduate Summer Program In Cultural Resource Management is a six-week program in Athens for graduate and advanced undergraduate students.
  • Greek Studies on Site offers a series of seminars to take place summers in Athens, Greece in partnership with the Norwegian Institute at Athens.
  • The Hellenic Center offers many summer opportunities for classics majors.
  • Medieval Greek Summer Session is a monthlong program in Athens at the Gennadius Library. The program will introduce students with a background in Classical Greek to Medieval Greek language and philology.
  • Living Greek in Greece: A two-week spoken Attic Greek seminar in the Peloponnese in Greece through the Paideia Institute.
  • Study ancient theater in England and Greece at the British American Drama Academy.

Other Language Programs

  • The Tantur Ecumenical Institute offers a four-week program to help participants learn Hebrew.
  • The Polis Institute offers summer programs in Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Arabic in Rome, Jerusalem, and Florida.
  • University College in Cork, Ireland holds an annual summer Greek and Latin summer school.
  • Iter Montanum offers a full Latin immersion program, while backpacking in the mountains of Wyoming, to students who have completed an introductory Latin sequence at the college level.
  • The Society for Classical Studies lists several exciting summer programs, some of which allow you to learn Greek or Latin without leaving the country.

This list is compiled for your information and convenience. The Department of Classics does not necessarily endorse these programs. You should always conduct your own due diligence before attending any program overseas.