Get down and dirty in foreign countries digging up ancient artifacts and ruins. Digging can be both exhilarating and grueling. You live on or near your site and work hard in the field during the day. Often, your room and board is covered, but you pay for your own travel costs.


Excavations of the Roman Forum at Butrint

As the nation's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Butrint (ancient Bouthrotos/ Buthrotum) is the most famous archaeological site in Albania. Discovered in 2005, the Roman Forum at Butrint is the only known forum in Epeiros and one of the best preserved of Augustan date (27 BC - AD 14) in the provinces of the Roman Empire.

Built over 2000 years ago by Roman colonists, the forum was the center of public justice, administration, business, religion, and entertainment. The Roman Forum Excavations (RFE) Project is bringing to light the forum and unearthing a story that spans millennia, from the time of the city's birth in the 7th century BC to its abandonment in the 16th century AD.

Additional Opportunities


Northern Europe

  • Dig near Hadrian’s Wall in Britain and learn about the Roman army at Vindolanda.
  • York Archaeological Trust allows you to participate in a training excavation in York, England. England is rich in Roman antiquities—Hadrian’s Wall, Bath, British Museum, York. You get hands-on experience digging on a medieval or ancient site. This program is very flexible; you can attend for as little as one week.
  • Take a five-week course on the Romans in Britain on the site of the beautiful bath complex in Bath, England.
  • Learn at the largest open air ethnographic museum in Europe! Spend three weeks learning about Roman metal, ceramic and wood use at the Brukenthal Museum in Transylvania, Romania.