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Graduate students at Notre Dame access the expertise of Classics faculty mainly through two programs:  the Master of Arts in Classics or the Master of Arts in Early Christian Studies.  Although these programs have distinct applications, curricula, and outcomes, students in Classics and ECS often work closely together in the same classes and as teaching assistants or language instructors.

Master of Arts in Classics

The Department of Classics at Notre Dame offers a funded, 2-year M.A. program in Classics, covering the language, literature, history, archaeology, and culture of the Greco-Roman world, as well as its reception.  The chief purpose of the M.A. in Classics is to prepare students for doctoral study in these or other related areas.  The program also provides a depth and breadth of exposure to classical antiquity worthwhile in its own right.

Master of Arts in Early Christian Studies

The Department of Classics and the Department of Theology jointly offer the M.A. in Early Christian Studies. The program develops students’ abilities in at least two ancient Christian languages and literatures (typically, Latin, Greek, Syriac, Hebrew, and/or Arabic) and imparts a broad background of knowledge and method in the intellectual, historical, and social contexts of early Christianity. Thus it provides a thorough preparation for PhD programs and academic careers in all aspects of late ancient studies.

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