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Classics majors are encouraged to study abroad in order to gain first-hand knowledge of Mediterranean culture and material artifacts. As many of our majors can attest, there’s no substitute for seeing the sites yourself! Most students study abroad during their junior year.

Course credits are applied to your ND transcript and you can maintain any financial aid package you currently hold. Consult our director of undergraduate studies very early in the semester before you intend to go abroad.

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Rome, Italy



Athens, Greece



  • Majors in the Department of Classics with particular interest in ancient Greek studies have a special opportunity to study abroad in Athens for a semester on the College Year in Athens (CYA) program. Notre Dame students come together with students from other top colleges and universities to live and study in Athens; extended trips to important archaeological sites, such as Delphi and Mycenae, are part of the curriculum. The Department of Classics is very successful in placing students in the CYA program, working closely with our majors on each step of the application process.  Students choose from a wide variety of options, including Latin or Greek language and courses on the history, politics, philosophy, literature, art, and archaeology of ancient Greece.

Study Abroad Spotlight

From Epic Literature to epic travels, Tori had a legendary experience majoring in Classics. After graduation in 2014, Tori went on to University of Oxford for a MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies. Read More

"Classics came alive for me in Greece, and my study abroad experience was surreal." -Tori Roeck, '14

Tori Roeck-Greece 2013