Congratulations to Senior Thesis Writers

Author: Department of Classics

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Congratulations to our senior thesis writers, who presented their work to the department last Friday. This year's topics covered a range of subjects and time periods, from the Athenian amnesty of 403 BC to poetry in the Augustan age. Presenters included:

Josef Hageman, “Aes Alienum: Debt and Morality in Cicero’s In Catilinam II.”  Advisor: Brian Krostenko

Alyssa Grant, “Rex Infelix? Alexander the Great as a Trope during the Roman Principate.”  Advisor: Christopher Baron

Mary McNulty, “Ovid’s Hersilia: Conditrix Urbis Romae.”  Advisor: Elizabeth Mazurek

Clare Murphy, “Μὴ μνησικακεῖν:  Reuniting Athenian Society through Social Memory.”  Advisor: Christopher Baron

Livvie May, “Rusticus es, Corydon: Generic Self-Consciousness in Vergil’s Eclogue 2.” Advisor: Catherine Schlegel

Special thanks to Professor Schlegel, who led the senior thesis colloquium in the fall, and to all the faculty advisors who guided this year's students through the thesis writing process.

For more pictures, see the department's Flickr page.