Greek Students Present on Classical Scholarship

Author: Department of Classics

Before heading into Fall Break, students in Professor Amy Pistone's Intoxicating Poetry class presented on some challenging works of classical scholarship.


Mary McNulty, senior Classics major, teaches the class about eukosmia in the Bacchae as well as the palace miracles.







Tracey Schirra, senior Classics major, presents on a reading of the individual and group in the Bacchae and offers an excellent critique of some of the shortfalls of this particular interpretation.







Steven Garden, senior Biology major, presents Kalke’s “The Making of a Thyrsus: The Transformation of Pentheus in Euripides' Bacchae” (1985) and diagrams the transition between the profane narthex and the sacred thyrsus, and the ways that this process can help us interpret the rest of the play.







Livvie May, senior Classics major, presents on violence in the Bacchae and the effect that violent spectacle has upon the audience.