Hannah Naguib and Daniel O'Neill

Author: Department of Classics


"For all of those who may think that Chemistry and Classics have nothing to do with each other, we hope to change your mind! Both of us are senior Chemistry and Classics double majors (Dan working towards a Greek and Roman Civilization major and Hannah towards a Greek and Latin major) who found that our passions for science and the ancient world were not mutually exclusive but could really enhance one another. We believe that a major theme deeply intertwined within both chemistry and Classics is a search for the understandings of beginnings and origins of the intricate world in which we live. Whether predicting the molecular orbital diagram of interacting atoms upon bonding or analyzing the deep interconnectedness between Rome's topography and the politics of the time, the overall goal of finding meaning in beginnings remains central in our educations. Chemistry and Classics have allowed both of us to make the most of the academic opportunities here at Notre Dame, and we encourage all science and Classics enthusiasts to do the same!"