Josef Hageman

Author: Department of Classics

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"I chose to major in Classics at the University of Notre Dame for several reasons. First, a Classics major helps in any field.  It starts with history and language, but the studies branch out into literature, philosophy, politics, architecture, law, science, economics, and so on.  It prepares you for any pursuit. Second, Notre Dame has an exceptional Classics program.  The professors are among the greatest classical minds in the nation, and the classes are structured to communicate a deep understanding of the ancient world. Third, the university gave me the opportunity to study Classics abroad.  Study abroad provided context for my major and revealed more connections between the modern and the ancient worlds. I highly recommend this major to anyone who wants a better understanding of our world."

Josef Hageman is a junior majoring in Classics and Economics. This fall, he studied abroad at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome.