Marissa Ray

Author: Department of Classics

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"I became a Greek and Roman Civilization and Pre-Health Studies major to learn more about a time period I found fascinating and prepare for medical school to become a doctor. I did not realize just how much overlap I would find and how instrumental Classics would be in my study of the sciences. Not only do most medical terms and many ideas stem from ancient language and practice, but I have developed my ability to think critically- a skill necessary in all avenues of life. I am currently writing my thesis through the department of Classics on the medical treatment of women just before and after giving birth in the Roman era, a subject that has allowed me to explore ancient medical traditions through independent work and travel to Italy on a research grant. I am so grateful for the chance to learn from the brilliant faculty in this department at ND and to continue to find connections across time and subjects."

Marissa is a senior Greek and Roman Civilization and Arts and Letters Pre-Health major. She plans on attending medical school after a gap year, during which she hopes to obtain a Master's.