New Course, Spring 2020: Latin Pedagogy and Aequora

Author: Brigid O'Keefe

In this service-learning course, students who are participating in the Aequora program have the opportunity to earn academic credit by supplementing their teaching experience with critical study of current methods and theory in Latin language pedagogy.  In addition to teaching once per week at either Clay International Academy or Saint Joseph Elementary, students will meet as a class once a week to discuss assigned readings and to share perspectives.  Students will come away from the course with a better understanding of Aequora’s teaching philosophy and how it relates to larger developments in foreign language pedagogy.  Students will be graded on the basis of: 1) class participation; 2) short summaries of articles and book chapters; 3) a research paper on a topic related to current developments in foreign language pedagogy.  


Please note:  students are not required to register for this course in order to volunteer for Aequora. 

CLAS 33601
E. Mazurek
TF 2:00-3:15