Greek and Latin Winter Session

Author: Sherry Reichold

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Minding the gap with Greek Prose and Slide to the next Latin level

1. CLGR 20001/60201: Minding the gap with Greek Prose, MTWR 3:30-4:50pm (via Zoom), 2 credits
Come, enjoy some great Greek prose with Prof. Baron and Prof. Tagliabue and get ready for taking advanced Greek in the spring.

We'll read Greek passages from Plato, Xenophon, Lysias and Lucian. The class will meet for 15 sessions over 4 weeks. Sessions will last 100 minutes (15x100 = 1500 contact minutes = 2 credit hours) and will consist of live instruction – translating Greek texts, reviewing grammar and syntax, discussing stylistic features.

Week 1 (Mon. 1/4–Thurs. 1/7)  Xenophon, Hellenica
Week 2 (Mon. 1/11–Thurs. 1/14)  Plato, Ion
Week 3 (Mon. 1/18–Thurs. 1/21) Lysias 12
Week 4 (Mon. 1/25–Wed. 1/27)  Lucian, Dialogue of the Gods

Greek texts to be read will be provided to students beforehand in PDF format. Students will be asked to prepare to translate certain segments of the text for each session; on occasion, we will spend class time translating passages at first sight as well.

Assessment will consist of written translation assignments, to be turned in at the end of each week, as well as preparation and participation.

2. CLLA 20001/60201: Slide to the next Latin level, MTWRF 7:30-8:45pm (via Zoom), 2 credits
Come, enjoy some great Latin prose with Prof. Grillo and get ready for taking advanced Latin in the spring.

We'll read about the mythical foundation of Rome, Hannibal, the eruption of Vesuvius, the persecution of Christians and more. Classes will meet for 75 minutes for the first 15 sessions (75x15 = 1,125 minutes), followed by 2 review sessions (120 minutes each) and a final exam (135 minutes), for a total of 1,500 minutes (1,125 + 240 + 135) and two credits. No books required, pdfs of the readings will be provided by the instructor.