Shaun Evans

Author: Olivia May


"In addition to Classics, I’m also a major in Theology and Philosophy, and my interest in philosophically-informed theology written in Latin or Greek gives me some strong medieval interests. While studying abroad in the Eternal City last Spring, I worked under the guidance of Prof. Müller to transcribe and translate two sermons by Adam of Dryburgh, a 12th century Norbertine canon turned Carthusian monk. The experience of working from the original text in a medieval hand gave me a feel for history and personality that doesn’t often come through in other classes focused on more abstract issues. By visiting two former Carthusian monasteries in Milan, I also had the chance to step into Adam’s world. These experiences with ND Classics have made all my studies come alive in a way they hadn’t before."


Shaun Evans is a senior majoring in Classics, Theology, and Philosophy and a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program. During junior year, he studied in Rome through the Rome International Scholars Program.