Brian Credo

Author: Todd Boruff

“Everything comes from classics. It offers a lot of different paths and a lot of interesting things to pursue,” said Brian Credo ’15, a classics major in the College of Arts and Letters.

Classics is the interdisciplinary study of the ancient Mediterranean world. Students explore the languages, history, literature, art, philosophy, archeology, and religion of the ancient Greeks and Romans, gaining a broad understanding of the foundations of civilization. Classics majors develop valuable skills in research and critical thinking while making connections between the great works of antiquity and modern society.

A scholar in the Glynn Family Honors program, Credo became interested in classics while studying Greek and Latin in high school.

“Latin and Greek can be very challenging languages,” Credo said, “but it’s very rewarding to look at an author who has written so long ago and to make clear their meaning for today’s audience.”

Credo is now pursuing a Ph.D. in classical studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Originally published by Todd Boruff at on June 16, 2015.