Christopher A. Baron

Christopher A. Baron

Associate Professor

Ph.D., The University of Pennsylvania
M.A., University of Chicago
B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University

365 Decio Hall
(574) 631-2802

Research Interest: Greek and Roman Historiography, Hellenistic History

Frequently Teaches: The History of Ancient Greece; The Age of Alexander; Greek Literature in the Roman and Judaeo Christian Worlds

Prof. Baron’s interests include Greek and Roman historiography, the history of the Greeks in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, and Greek epigraphy. He has recently begun a study of the Greek historians writing under the Roman Empire, and he also serves as General Editor of The Herodotus Encyclopedia, to be published by Wiley in 2018. Several articles on Herodotus, Arrian, and Cassius Dio are in the works. His first book, Timaeus of Tauromenium and Hellenistic Historiography, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2013.

Selected Publications: 

“Duris of Samos and a Herodotean Model for Writing History.” In J. Priestley and V. Zali (eds.), Brill’s Companion to Herodotus in Antiquity and Beyond, 59–82. Brill, 2016.

Review of Pia de Fidio and Clara Talamo (eds.), Eforo di Cuma nella storia della storiografia greca (2 vols.), Histos 10 (2016), xix-xxx. 

(with Christopher Hamlin) “Malaria and the Decline of Ancient Greece: Revisiting the Jones Hypothesis in an Era of Interdisciplinarity.” Minerva 53.4 (2015), 327–58.