William Stover '18

William  Stover

Area(s) of Interest: Papyrology, Manuscript Transmission, Numismatics, Hellenistic Historiography, Greek Cultural Perceptions of Rome, Ancient Antiquarianism

Ryan Walker '18

Ryan Walker

Area(s) of Interest: Roman Historiography, Law, Frontiers, Silver Age Latin Literature, Ancient Epic, Non-Romans writing about Romans, the Ancient Novel

Eryn Pritchett '19

Area(s) of Interest: Greek Historiography, Classical Literature (especially Epic Poetry, Tragedy, Comedy), Philology

Kathryn Van de Loo '19

Kathryn  Van de Loo

Area(s) of Interest: Late Antiquity

Allie Roos ''

Allie Roos

Area(s) of Interest: Greek Historiography, Social/Cultural History, Classical Reception Studies, Greek Literature, Ancient Concepts of Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality