Juanita Cilliers '22

Juanita Cilliers

Area(s) of Interest: Greek and Latin poetry (esp. epic and tragedy); ancient philosophy (esp. Stoicism)

Ashley Walker '22

Ashley Walker

Area(s) of Interest: Latin poetry; intertextuality; comparative literature; classical reception studies

Benjamin Wiley '22

Benjamin Wiley

Area(s) of Interest: Classical reception; narratology; historiography; philology

Maddie Hoaglund '23

Maddie Hoaglund

Area(s) of Interest: Epigraphy; marginalized groups in Roman society (esp. women and freedmen); intersection of material culture and literature

Jack Oster '23

Jack Oster

Area(s) of Interest: Byzantine history; Late Antiquity; economic history

Hannah Resnick '23

Hannah Resnick

Area(s) of Interest: Philology; historical linguistics; stylistics; Classical reception studies

Maggie Ryland '23

Maggie Ryland

Area(s) of Interest: Hellenistic history and literature; ancient political philosophy; Greek religion; women in antiquity