Samuel Reich '24

Samuel Reich

Area(s) of Interest: Hellenistic and Roman-era Greek literature; satire; philosophical and religious themes in literary texts; the intersection of the classical world with the ancient Near East

Kaitlin Senko '24

Kaitlin Senko

Area(s) of Interest: Philology, gendered authority dynamics, representations of masculinity and femininity, and the reception of the classical tradition in the medieval and early modern periods

Valerie Liang '25

Valerie Liang

Area(s) of Interest: Greek Epigraphy; Tragedy; Classical reception studies; Philology; Intersection between material culture and literature

Anne Rolfe '25

Anne Rolfe

Area(s) of Interest: Latin poetry (especially the works of Virgil and Lucretius); allusivity and intertextuality; reception studies; Homeric epics

Joseph Turco '25

Joseph Turco

Area(s) of Interest: Ancient philosophy, Latin lyric poetry, the influence of classical antiquity on the Church Fathers.

Irene (Yue) Wu '25

Irene (Yue) Wu

Area(s) of Interest: Greek and Roman Historiography, Syriac Literature, Intellectual History of Late Antiquity