Jiaqi (Maria) Ma '20

Jiaqi (Maria) Ma

Area(s) of Interest: Greek and Latin poetry; Greek drama; allusion and intertextuality; experimental archaeology; language pedagogy

Allie Roos '20

Allie Roos

Area(s) of Interest: Greek historiography, social/cultural history, classical reception studies, Greek literature, ancient concepts of race, ethnicity, and sexuality

Cana Short '20

Cana Short

Area(s) of Interest: Comparative literature; ancient Greek novels; narratology; early Christian asceticism

Melody Wauke '20

Melody Wauke

Area(s) of Interest: Greek tragedy; epic poetry; Greek and Latin paleography; classical reception

Eleanor Choi '21

Eleanor Choi

Area(s) of Interest: Greek and Roman historiography, classical warfare, Hellenistic philosophy, reception of Classics in modern entertainment

Rebekah Fisher '21

Rebekah Fisher

Area(s) of Interest: Linguistics; women and children in the ancient world

Brian Pulverenti '21

Brian Pulverenti

Area(s) of Interest: Epic poetry; comparative literature; classical reception studies