Degree Requirements

Required courses (42 credit hours)

The Proseminar (3 credits)
Ancient Language A (2 courses beyond introductory level) (6 credits)
Ancient Language B (2 courses beyond introductory level) (6 credits)
Theology and Liturgy (4 courses) (12 credits)
History and Ancient Religion (2 courses) (6 credits)
Electives (3 courses) (9 credits)

Other requirements

1) French or German competency examination (at any time in the two years)
2. Final field exams, based on an individually tailored set of
readings and often including some translation of ancient texts.

Students who must undertake the study of an ancient language from the beginning will be expected to do so during Summer Session. Intensive beginning and intermediate courses in ancient languages and some advanced study of early Christian texts are provided on the Notre Dame campus each summer.

Other Details

All graduate students at Notre Dame must maintain a GPA of 3.0 to remain in the program; if this goes below 3.0 in any semester, the student is on probation for the following semester and is expected to raise the average above 3.0 to remain.

Modern and ancient language courses are available during the summers as well as the academic year (supported by tuition scholarship)

Being a “full-time student” in our program means taking a minimum of 3 courses in any semester.

You should discuss the details of your program, before the start of each semester, with your academic advisor, who is normally the director of the program. (Where appropriate, another faculty member connected with the program may serve as your advisor.)

Tuition Scholarships

Full-tuition scholarships for all students who are admitted to the program.