Bramwell Atkins '24

Bramwell Atkins

Area(s) of Interest: Letters of Consolation, Christian Platonism, Neo-Platonism, Non-Chalcedonian Christianity, Boethius, Augustine, and their Medieval Reception, the allegoresis of Homer and Plato

Gabriel Parlin '24

Gabriel Parlin

Area(s) of Interest: Hellenistic Judaism, Jesus and the Gospels, Early Greek Fathers, Biblical interpretation and translation in antiquity, Critical Realism

James Schetelich '24

James Schetelich

Area(s) of Interest: Ancient Jewish apocalypticism; Augustine; Jewish exegesis during the Second Temple period; kinship in antiquity; the New Testament and its early reception

Henry Brink '25

Henry Brink

Area(s) of Interest: Scriptural Exegesis, Biblical Poetics, Christianity and Islam, Early Christianity, Eastern Christianity, Syriac Christianity, Hymnography

Michael Frost '25

Michael Frost

Area(s) of Interest: Ancient languages; Christian Platonism; Marius Victorinus; Middle Platonism; Neoplatonism; Pharisaic Judaism; Prisca Theologia; Trinitarian theology

Aimee Hannoush '25

Aimee Hannoush

Area(s) of Interest: Syriac liturgy and tradition; Semitic languages; Ephrem and Jacob of Sarug; sacred music; translation