85% of graduates from the Early Christian Studies Program have gone on to top-ranked Ph.D. programs. Two graduates won Fulbright Scholarships, one to Austria and the other to Israel. Two other graduates studied abroad, one at Oxford and one at Leuven.

Q&A with Nikolas Churik, graduate student in Early Christian Studies

John Ladouceur '20

John Ladouceur

Area(s) of Interest: ‘Christianization’ of the Roman Empire; Christianity and classical culture; Neoplatonism

Hannah Vansyckel '20

Hannah Vansyckel

Area(s) of Interest: Late Latin philology and literature; North African Christianity; gender and martyrdom; the rise of Islam

Haley Wilson-Lemmon '20

Haley Wilson-Lemmon

Area(s) of Interest: Religions of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, comparative literature, Greco-Roman influences on Early Christianity

Tess Fitzsimmons '21

Tess Fitzsimmons

Area(s) of Interest: Augustine; Gregory the Great; Prudentius; Boethius; Cassiodorus; Late Antique Church councils; Late Antique Christian poetry; liturgics; the history of biblical exegesis; the roots of papal government; Classical ethnography

Samuel Mitchell '21

Samuel Mitchell

Area(s) of Interest: Greek linguistics; Greco-Roman contexts of early Christian literature; Early Christianity schisms; succession crises in early Christianity

Juliana Vossenberg '21

Juliana Vossenberg

Area(s) of Interest: Ancient story-telling; Late Antique hagiography; women and liminal figures in religion; Latin pedagogy