Susan Francino '23

Susan Francino

Area(s) of Interest: Latin Poetry; Late Antique and Christian Latin; Byzantine Studies; Hymnography; Byzantine and Medieval Musical Notation; Liturgical Theology; Patristic, Byzantine, and Orthodox Theology; Translation

Adam Wyatt '23

Adam Wyatt

Area(s) of Interest: Late Roman history, early Christian churches and architecture, Constantine and the Constantinian Dynasty, Roman mystery cults, medieval reception of Antiquity, ancient philosophy, St. Ambrose of Milan.

Bramwell Atkins '24

Bramwell Atkins

Area(s) of Interest: Letters of Consolation, Christian Platonism, Neo-Platonism, Non-Chalcedonian Christianity, Boethius, Augustine, and their Medieval Reception, the allegoresis of Homer and Plato

Gabriel Parlin '24

Gabriel Parlin

Area(s) of Interest: Hellenistic Judaism, Jesus and the Gospels, Early Greek Fathers, Biblical interpretation and translation in antiquity, Critical Realism

James Schetelich '24

James Schetelich

Area(s) of Interest: Ancient Jewish apocalypticism; Augustine; Jewish exegesis during the Second Temple period; kinship in antiquity; the New Testament and its early reception

Henry Brink '25

Henry Brink

Area(s) of Interest: Scriptural Exegesis, Biblical Poetics, Christianity and Islam, Early Christianity, Eastern Christianity, Syriac Christianity, Hymnography

Michael Frost '25

Michael Frost

Area(s) of Interest: Ancient languages; Christian Platonism; Marius Victorinus; Middle Platonism; Neoplatonism; Pharisaic Judaism; Prisca Theologia; Trinitarian theology

Aimee Hannoush '25

Aimee Hannoush

Area(s) of Interest: Syriac liturgy and tradition; Semitic languages; Ephrem and Jacob of Sarug; sacred music; translation